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9 1/2 Million Canadians use their Smart Phone to Shop

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In Canada - Onlines Sales In

  • 2012 equaled 122 Billion
  • 2013 equaled 136 Billion
  • in 2015 68% of Canadians own a Smart Phone
  • That is a 24% increase in one Year!

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Agree to offer our members a discount or benefit at the time of payment. They show you a valid membership app, you give them the discount right then!

Change Your Discount/Benefit

What you want to give our members is up to you. How you want them to pay or the type of product or service is your choice. Just honour it when they show you the app. Plus you can change this when ever you want to with no charge.

There Is No Legal Jargon Or Contracts

The first line of our agreement is: This is a non-binding and non-legal agreement between you and us (CDC Inc.). There is no cost to becoming a Participating Business.

How simple is that! We are going to promote your business by adding your business info, logo and discount to our database.

We are also promoting your business by talking about it on our social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, members who have agreed to receive emails from us will read about your business through this medium.

Your Obligations

Keep Us Informed

Please do not decrease the percentage discount without notifying us. Cashiers must be advised by the store owner or manager as to the percentage discount or benefit to be given when the membership app is presented.

What you agree to help us with, is to honour our membership card (app) at your POS. The app will display the members name and expiry date. Also display our Company Logo at the POS and at the business entrance if possible.

There is no time limit on this agreement but we would like you to participate for one year. It takes time to enroll businesses and members but we believe it is a great idea for promoting your business and shopping for our members!

CDC Inc. does not offer any exclusivity to a business and any disputes with customers about the card will be handled by us (Canadian Discount Card Inc.).