Our Mission

We're For The Little Guy!

To create a win for both Business and the Consumer. Each can save money by the consumer using cash or debit at the time of purchase. Additionally the little guy can earn extra income by selling our membership card.

About Us

Who are we?

Canadian Discount Card Inc. is a corporation, but a corporation is just a legal description of real people working together on a business idea with passion and commitment.

We're just that, a group of people who have been friends and business partners for decades and now see a way to help people and businesses save money and make money.

Our directors also bring a lot to the table. Their expertise range across multiple industries such as Health Care Professionals, Retail Merchandising and plenty of small business experience.

Combined all of us have successfully raised six children, nine grandchildren (our newest Emily Grace was born 21 Oct). We know how difficult it is to manage money in this modern age. We know the stress of credit card debt and we believe Canadian Discount Card membership can make a difference in your family and money management.

What this means is we have the right stuff to Save You Money, Make You Money and for businesses to Make More Sales.

We are excited about the “Canadian Discount Card Inc.” that creates a winning situation for the business, the consumer and allows individuals the opportunity to create their own independent business.